A response to Prince EA's Why I Think the World Should End video

A daily prayer: May today be about love not experienced as an emotional response...instead, a fierce commitment one to another characterized by:  an acknowledgment of a shared creator, respect and a sense of responsibility for others, and an orientation towards others infused with an ethic of care calling us to action. 

So thankful my parents were people for whom relationship was the most important thing...

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/pCZq5tVnbwU

First ever blog post!

I know it's rather cliche' to post a first blog post announcing that it's a first but this is a big step towards having all my writing, consulting,  and social media identities consolidated into one place.  This is it - the world according to AC. A while ago, I asked a public relations person to review my social media content to provide a preliminary critique as a way of figuring out if I wanted to hire her.   Her response, You should only communicate professional related content.  Say goodbye to goofy shoes and craziness on Facebook, street art on twitter, and shared photos on Flickr - all this was deemed 'unprofessional' taking away from my professional brand and identity.  I impolitely said - that's a bunch of crap.   The look on her face was priceless!  

So the truth is I'm rather eclectic and bohemie. I want consulting clients, colleagues, students, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. to know who I am....really know who I am so they trust and are encouraged by this strong, flawed, quirky person who gives every day all the gusto she can muster.  Another reason for this is to connect with others thinking about and researching topics I'm curious about, I thrive in the world of ideas and conversation! One more reason....I thought this might be fun.  Something I haven't done before.  What can I learn?  How can I express myself creatively without the agony of APA, peer review, and all the craziness of academia?! 

I look forward to learning how to blog and interact in this way!