Now What: Living a Called Life Undergraduate Commencement Speech

What a treat to return to my alma mater, Lincoln Christian University, to speak at the 71st ceremony....  An extra special treat because I was the first woman in their history to speak at commencement!   The speech is entitled Now What:  Living a Called Life.  Dr. Green's  Introduction begins at 15:42 and the speech begins at 18:19 through 35:38

An excerpt:  

Now What: Living a Called Now what?  Indeed, this is an important question filling some with certainty and others with perhaps more questions than answers.  Why is this so?  Part of the Now What question is associated with this idea of Commencement which has a two-fold meaning.  On the one hand – it is a graduation celebration filled with hugs, photos, tears, and high fives and on the other hand, there’s this notion of commencing, to start or to begin.  Commencement, then, represents a transitional moment where we each must determine what our next course of action is once the celebration is over.