KaleidoVenture LLC (formerly 2 Cats Consulting LLC) is a woman-owned business providing management consulting services to local governments, utilities, universities and other organizations.  KaleidoVenture LLC is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.  

Our goals are to facilitate awareness of individual and organizational vision, goals, and objectives and design creative strategies and implementable plans to effectively move forward.  Each client engagement is uniquely tailored to best serve a client's purpose, garner understanding, support leadership decision making, and design effective tasks with clearly articulated objectives and outcomes. Our process, often non-linear, incorporates assessment, design, implementation, evaluation, learning, and refinement.   Methods used include:  active listening, individual and collective interviewing, focus groups, document review, and observations. 

Strategic Assessment and Planning

Questions facing leaders today include:  What should we do next?  Where should we go?  What critical issues are we facing?  How can we improve?  What should we continue?  What should we stop doing? Answers to these questions enable leaders to confidently make critical decisions about future direction, operational priorities, and process improvements. Typical projects include:  

Assessment:  Operations, Program, or Process
Vision and Mission formulation
Business and IT Governance and Strategic Planning
Continuous Improvement & Performance Measurement

Water Sector Risk and Resilience + Emergency Operations Management

In the early 2000’s, the United States Water Sector was required to perform and certify their performance of a vulnerability assessment on their water infrastructure including development of an emergency operations plan. The America's Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) was signed into law in October 2018 mandating that water utilities serving >3,300 persons reassess their water infrastructure and update their emergency operations plan. Typical projects include:

Staff training and knowledge transfer related to 2003 versus 2018
Baseline and gap analysis from 2003 vulnerability assessment to present
Revision of risk and resilience assessment (formerly VA) documentation
Planning and scenario testing related to emergency operations, protocols, and procedures

Organizational Development / Leadership Development, Training, & Capacity Building

Organizational success and sustainability is predicated in part on having skilled and committed employees.  Development, training, and capacity building constitutes an investment contributing to employee well-being, sense of purpose, and skilling commensurate with organizational needs.  Organizational development explores an organization structure, job descriptions, processes, workflow and decision making to assess what works and where there are opportunities to improve. Leadership development enhances employee capacity to lead people with differing values, develop teams, communicate effectively, plan for organizational change, and address other organizational opportunities.  Typical projects include:   

Organizational Structure Needs Assessment
Process, Workflow, and Decision Making Assessment
Instructional, Curriculum and Educational Program Design   Leadership Assessment, Coaching, and Development
Topical or How To Workshops

Conference, Workshop, and Event Design

Event design skills are used when you want to imagine and create an event or series of events for your employees, associates, or friends to come together around a purpose or suite of goals. Whether your goal is wide scale participation, education and training, leadership development, or simply having fun - an event designer helps you translate your event goals into a meaningful event. Our process includes any of the following:

  • Meet with client to hear vision and develop event purpose and goals

  • Design suggested activities and/or event flow to meet event purpose and goals

  • Develop communication strategy to include advertising, social media, web, and other pertinent communication channels

  • Write content to support communication plan (e.g., Call for artists, Call for papers, web, press releases, etc.)

  • Work with graphic artists to develop logo, communication materials, and atmosphere for event including color scheme and significant textures

  • Coordinate design ideas and logistics with client staff

Example event design projects:

Counter-trafficking Training and Awareness Summit in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2019. Event designer of 5 events in 8 days including a call for artist in partnership with Art for Change Foundation and Crossings Knox, speakers from BlackBox, Rapha House, and Streetlight and one day of training in partnership with Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Unchained. Johnson University School of Business and Public Leadership, Knoxville, Tennessee (2019). Complete event design and implementation including partnership and speaker selection, logo design, communication strategy, content design and development

Leadership for the 21st Century Conference in partnership with California Baptist University. International conference focused on the theme: leadership for the 21st century. Learning Community of the International Leadership Association.  Philosophy, Religion, & Worldview Expressions. Riverside, California (2018). Developed call for papers and supported marketing efforts

International Leadership Association (ILA) - PostConference Workshop: Street Art tour and how to make graffiti workshop in partnership with Barcelona Street Style Tour . This tour highlighted Barcelona’s graffiti and street art movement showcasing the latest works of art found adorning almost every wall in the city center. Following the tour, participants were invited to try their hand at creating graffiti and a stencil. Barcelona, Spain (2015). Designed workshop including proposal submission to the ILA and served as primary liaison with Barcelona Street Style Tour.

Collaborative Research

Research projects can be a catalyst for transforming our understanding of leadership, operations, organizational development, and society's persistent challenges or emerging opportunities.  Typical projects include:   

Thesis or Dissertation Supervision and Coaching
Research Project Design and Management
Background Research, Literature Review, and Synopsis of Results
Methodology Selection and Protocol Design - Mixed or Qualitative Methods
Data Analysis and Reporting

Example Research Projects:  

Transportation Research Board, Understanding Common-Use Approaches at Airports ACRP 10-05, 2009.  Appendix A5:  A Decision Maker's Guide to Planning and Change

Water Environment Research Foundation .  Security Measures for Computerized and Automated Systems at Water/Wastewater Facilities, Project 03-CTS-3SCO, 2008.

Water Environment Research Foundation, Developing and Implementing a Performance Measurement System: Phase II Final Report, Project 99-WWF-7, 2005.

American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF).  Creating Effective IT Solutions, 2004.