Welcome to KaleidoVenture LLC (formerly 2 Cats Consulting LLC).  Life is a journey and today's a new day with new goals and purposes so I wanted a fresh brand with a new logo and website.  In the Greek, Kaleido refers to 'a beautiful form' - this speaks to my capacity to see, acknowledge, and appreciate artistic expression and our built and social environments. Venture is a word used in a number of different ways including a business venture,  adventure, or as in to venture forth.  Intriguing is how the word venture implies risk or danger.  I am energized when I facilitate others in increasing their capacity to see anew their present circumstances (Kaleido) and then to provide the requisite advice, tools, or sense of direction that prepares them for action (Venture).  

This site serves to bridge my curiosity, questions, and ideas captured in my written work with my consulting work.  It is a place of curiosity, exploration, and imagination coupled with practical consulting services and ideas for how I might serve your organization or you.  I invite you to explore and get to know me better.  

When you Explore you connect with most of my writings plus my Dissertation, “An Ethic of Responsibility in Work: The Dailiness of Working Women's Lives”.  My Blog is responsive to the day's happenings, conversations, events, and sights.   If you want to know more about me, check out my Credentials and then if you're looking for a consultant, check out Consulting to see the services I provide.  You will also find links to all of my social identities and my Contact information.  I look forward to talking with you.  


Alicia D. Crumpton, Ph.D. 

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