There's something about travel.  A metaphor guiding my life is that of a journey.  We each have our biography in the making from our lived experiences.  Travel is a way to broaden horizons and can be a transformative event in the way when in a new culture we begin to question our biases and assumptions, fears and opportunities.  

Reflections on Venezia and the Art Biennale

Venice and the Art Biennale were on my list and since I was in the neighborhood anyway (in Barcelona for a conference) seemed prudent to take a side trip. At least this was my rationalization...admittedly, I am fairly adept at rationalizing travel...or so my husband tells me.  Ha Ha!   Since the hubster was unavailable, I asked my sister-in-law and niece if they might be interested given we've been talking about Italy FOREVER and my niece is an art education major making the art biennale an 'educational' opportunity.  And so it was that three Crumpton women traveled to Venice Italy for a week of exploring, art, and eating.  Read more. 

Street Art - Avondale, Arizona

Historic Avondale Arizona is a city of approximately 76,000 people west of Phoenix.  It is also a city daring to imagine itself as an arts district.  I was pleasantly intrigued when I heard about Avondale's intentionality with regard to public art specifically street art and murals.  Read more. 

Street Art - Baltimore, Maryland:  A Sampling

Roughly three hours - this is the time I had to explore Baltimore - not nearly enough time in a city with such a rich heritage and many things to do.   Maddeningly insufficient when I realized Baltimore's focus on street art murals via the Baltimore Mural Project which has added over 250 murals in the city since 1975 and the Baltimore Open Walls project organized by Gaia, a Baltimore based street artist.  Read more.  

Street Art - Barcelona Street Style Tour

In my mind, any location deserves a deeper look with regard to the built environment and street art or graffiti found visible to the public.  So when I learned that the International Leadership Association (ILA) was holding their annual conference in Barcelona, I was ecstatic for Barcelona is recognized internationally as a vibrant, creative, abundant street art scene.  Read more.

Street Art - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an incredible city for street art where practically every metal gate covering a storefront has characters, lettering, stencils, or pasteups.  It was visually one of the coolest places to explore because you had to constantly be looking - up, down, side to side.  I've posted pictures and some notes about a street art tour done with Barcelona Street Style Tour.  These are but a sampling of images I saw in the day and half I had to explore.  Read more.

Street Art & Graffiti - Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city that holds a great deal of fascination.  I remember the rhetoric of East/West, cold war, and communism.  Our school held drills to gauge our readiness to respond to a cold war initiated attack.  Movies often depicted Berlin as as dark, grey place and the Wall as a symbol of division, deprivation, and oppression.  Berlin - post fall of the wall has an international reputation for street art and graffiti.  The photos included here were taken in May 2014... Read more.  

StreetArt & Graffiti The Berlin Wall and the East Side Gallery Berlin

Visiting the East Side Gallery in Berlin was a highlight of our trip. The East Side Gallery is located at the Muhlenstrasse in Frederickshain - many of the photos included in my blog post #StreetArt & #Graffiti #Berlin were taken in this area.  The East Side Gallery is free and public open at all times.  From August 1961 to November 09, 1989 - the Berlin Wall enclosed West Berlin cutting through the city.  Throughout the city, there are markers indicating where the wall stood.  Read more.  

Street Art - Richmond, Virginia

Street Art as an expressive form is experiencing an international zeitgeist in urban settings with cities like Richmond, Virginia intentionally inviting internationally recognized street artists to paint public murals throughout the city.  Read more.    

Street Art - Tolleson, Arizona

Tolleson is a city of approximately 6500 people located 10 miles west of Phoenix.  Tolleson's Integration Mural symbolizes a judge's ordering of the end to the segregation of Mexican-American students in the town of Tolleson.    Read more.