Whether formal or informal, education is vital to our society and to one's personal development.  Why is education so important?  What educational philosophies and/or practices contribute to learning?  How do we effectively leverage online learning and social media?

Interview about JU's PhD in Leadership Studies - Stacy Abernathy & Alicia Crumpton (2015)

JU's PhD Program Reflections

To quote Donald Trump, "This is Huuuuuuge!"   Today is a big day at Johnson University because we signed off on our very first dissertation within the Ph.D. in Leadership Studies program.  See program description.  Read more.  

Reflections on JU's Online PhD in Leadership Studies Program Being Named as One of the Top 10 in the US

Johnson University's online PhD in Leadership Studies was recently named as one of the Top 10 online PhDs in Leadership.   See List.. . . I could talk all day about the various design elements incorporated into the design of the program.  Certainly the program design and focus attract seekers to our PhD program and serve to bolster their desire to stay.  Dare I say that another aspect, perhaps less tangible, is a collective sense of urgency we feel for the need for leadership. . . .  Read more.