KaleidoVenture LLC (formerly 2 Cats Consulting LLC) is a woman-owned business providing management consulting services to local governments, utilities, universities and other organizations.  KaleidoVenture LLC is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.  

Our goals are to facilitate awareness of individual and organizational vision, goals, and objectives and design creative strategies and implementable plans to effectively move forward.  Each client engagement is uniquely tailored to best serve a client's purpose, garner understanding, support leadership decision making, and design effective tasks with clearly articulated objectives and outcomes. Our process, often non-linear, incorporates assessment, design, implementation, evaluation, learning, and refinement.   Methods used include:  active listening, individual and collective interviewing, focus groups, document review, and observations. 

Strategic Assessment and Planning

Questions facing leaders today include:  What should we do next?  Where should we go?  What critical issues are we facing?  How can we improve?  What should we continue?  What should we stop doing? Answers to these questions enable leaders to confidently make critical decisions about future direction, operational priorities, and process improvements. Typical projects include:  

Assessment:  Operations, Program, or Process
Vision and Mission formulation
Business and IT Governance and Strategic Planning
Continuous Improvement & Performance Measurement

Leadership Development, Training, & Capacity Building

Organizational success and sustainability is predicated in part on having skilled and committed employees.  Development, training, and capacity building constitutes an investment contributing to employee well-being, sense of purpose, and skilling commensurate with organizational needs.  Leadership development enhances employee capacity to lead people with differing values, develop teams, communicate effectively, plan for organizational change, and address other organizational opportunities.  Typical projects include:   

Organizational Needs Assessment and Strategy Formulation
Instructional, Curriculum and Educational Program Design  
Leadership Assessment, Coaching, and Development
Topical or How To Workshops

Collaborative Research

Research projects can be a catalyst for transforming our understanding of leadership, operations, organizational development, and society's persistent challenges or emerging opportunities.  Typical projects include:   

Thesis or Dissertation Supervision and Coaching
Research Project Design and Management
Background Research, Literature Review, and Synopsis of Results
Methodology Selection and Protocol Design - Mixed or Qualitative Methods
Data Analysis and Reporting

Example Research Projects:  

Transportation Research Board, Understanding Common-Use Approaches at Airports ACRP 10-05, 2009.  Appendix A5:  A Decision Maker's Guide to Planning and Change

Water Environment Research Foundation .  Security Measures for Computerized and Automated Systems at Water/Wastewater Facilities, Project 03-CTS-3SCO, 2008.

Water Environment Research Foundation, Developing and Implementing a Performance Measurement System: Phase II Final Report, Project 99-WWF-7, 2005.

American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF).  Creating Effective IT Solutions, 2004.