There seems to be a presumption that business purposes are solely for profit at the exclusion of concerns for society, people, and planet.  Why is this so?  There are numerous examples of businesses with socially innovative purposes who balance priorities beyond profit.  What does it mean to be socially innovative or a social entrepreneur?   How do we facilitate spaces where others' questions, visions, and goals may be explored?  What is leadership?  What are practical steps we can take to optimize our business goals?   What other 'practices' are beneficial?

Selecting a Strategic Planning Method

When teaching strategic planning a question I often get asked is how do I select an appropriate approach.  Years ago, in a moment of nerdiness I decided to compare multiple strategic planning approaches  to understand what the unique scope was of each and to identify the variability between the approaches.    What follows is a Strategic Planning Meta-framework  - those variables to consider when selecting a strategic planning approach. Read more.  

Prioritizing Strategic Initiatives

As an output of a strategic planning process, organizations often can readily identify a long list of opportunities to improve or new things to consider that are then translated into possible strategic initiatives.  A challenge, then, is how to rank or prioritize the list.  I sometimes suffer what I affectionately describe as a desire to 'eat the elephant.'    Read more.